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Self-Sustainability and Employment generation with Gaushala


Samvedana Team is coming up with the initiative of promoting self-sustainability for women, unemployed, landless and marginal farmers by starting a Gaushala. Cow and bullock are animals whose by products are very useful and we can train these people for the role of maintaining the Gaushala and Biogas plant which will be set up along with it. With a view of discouraging old and invalid cows, we will demonstrate a cottage industry (link to cottage industry) manufacturing varieties of products from cow dung and urine, proving the utility of cows in all stages of its life.

Purpose and benefits of starting a Gaushala

Multifarious and productive use of Cow and Bulls

  • Use of Cow dung- Cattle gives dung, which is very useful input for producing organic manure that enriches soil for restoring the nutrients. Dung is also useful as fuel, in the form of dried cakes for cooking, heating alignments and most importantly it will be used in Biogas plant
  • Biogas- This renewable source of energy has many advantages as it’s non-polluting. It can be used to produce electricity and for the purpose of heating as well in cheaper cost
  • Methane and Carbon dioxide from Biogas- Using innovative systems to separate methane from gobar gas and bottle it for its successful use in car and auto. The compressed Carbon dioxide will be liquefied for sale
  • Electricity generation in rural set up- The Gaushala will generate all of its energy requirements by in-house means plus also aim at proving the energy ( electrical and the other)
  • Bio- Pesticide- Use of cow dung as manure reduces the requirement on chemical fertilizers while, at the same time, contributes to eco-friendly organic agriculture and natural farming. Cow-urine is useful as bio-pesticide and has immuno-modulatory and useful medicinal properties
  • Panchagavya- It’s an old system of medicine which has a high place in Ayurveda. Gaushala will aim at developing various medicines for many diseases using cow urine, dung, milk and fat
  • One of the purposes of the Goshala will be demonstrating the principle of Cow protection by showing how their blessings can be suitably utilized in our day to day life. Milk from the Cows meets the daily requirements and when they no more produce milk their blessings in the form of dung and urine can be utilized for. This project will completely aim at using utilising by products of the animal which will also provide them shelter and care as well as it will be provide employment to the needy. Samvedana will help them in training in all the above aspects of Gaushala and veterinary doctors will be hired to take care of these animals. Samvedana Team will hold various training programs for interested people, who want to make a living by protecting cows.

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